This is another easy amal for reversing spells such as spells for blocking marriage proposals, prosperity of business, chances of getting good jobs, straining relationships and breaking them, creating hurdles in the life of the victim, etc.
It is advisable to go through my previous posts about spell reversal before doing this amal. Since this amal requires discipline and spiritual strength. Hence, it should be done one one’s own responsibility.

Hisar is essential before starting the amal. (Its has been mentioned in my previous posts).
After reading any durud shareef which you know for 11 times read this prayer

We Alqayna Beynehumul Adawata Wal Bagda Wa Ilayhi Yawmal Qiyamah

and in the end repeat the darood shareef 11 times.
The more the number of times you read this special prayer, the more will be the reversal of the black magic.
This amal can be started at any convenient time.
1 The following symptoms prove that the magic spell has been reversed:
2 The heart beat will get back to normal.
3 The mind becomes peaceful.
4 The feeling of burden on the mind and the heart will cease.
Any kind of disfiguring or discoloring of the face will get cured.


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