Question: In some cases, especially when patients are great in number, a Raqi gathers his patients together in one place and recites the Ruqya over the loudspeaker. What is the validity of performing a group Ruqya, and what is the validity of using the loudspeaker?

Answer: Some Raqis are reported to have performed such Ruqyas, and the results were beneficial for many patients. In such cases, on the one hand, as the possessed listen to the Qur‘anic verses and prayers, the devils possessing them suffer and, as a result, are driven out. On the other hand, since the Qur‘an itself is a healing, the listener is affected by its healing power, even in the absence of Nafth (the Raqi‘s puffing out of breath out in hi hands during Ruqya). However, in a recommended Ruqya, the Raqi should be close enough to the patient to execute the acts of recitation, Nafth and rubbing in such a proper manner that the patient can get the utmost benefit out of the Ruqya. Accordingly, if possible, each patient should be treated individually. If not, group Ruqyas as mentioned above could be done though not expected to be as effective as individual ones. 1 Wallahu-A‘lam.

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