First of all; I would like to clearly state that only Allah (swt) knows the Future! Also Prophecies by Qur’an and by our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is also different than premonitions. 

Do you think you have had a premonition (disambiguation) before? How can someone know something is about to happen even before it does? Do you see premonistic Dreams? Are you a Premonist? Could it be an event that is paranormal or maybe it is just feelings that we get if things are not exactly right? Premonitions are not believed in by scientists. They only believe in things that they can prove to be facts. They know that there have been reports of people that have had knowledge of events or have had feelings about things prior to it occurring.

What is Premonition?

In parapsychology, precognition (from the Latin præ-, “before,” + cognitio, “acquiring knowledge”), also called future sight, and second sight, is a type of extrasensory perception that would involve the acquisition or effect of future information that cannot be deduced from presently available and normally acquired sense-based information or laws of physics and/or nature.

Is It Possible To See the Future?

The people that have had premonitions have said that they are not a pleasant experience. They get overwhelming feelings of fear or uneasiness in regards to what they believe is going to happen. While they have had a premonition they do not know exactly what will happen, only that it will not be good.

People do not realize how common it is to have a premonition. The subject of a premonition is almost always someone or something that has direct impact on you. They show up in a variety of ways. Dreams and feelings are some of them. Some call it a sixth sense.

The premonitions that are seen or felt are often surrounding a death, a murder, a plane crash, a robbery, or an accident. The incident happens, typically, within a few hours of the premonition. Dreams can cause a very negative emotional mark on a person that has a premonition. They are not able to communicate the level of dread that overcomes their emotions.

Then there are dreams that we have no doubt about the meaning. They are clear and the dreamer sees something happening to a family member or someone close. This can be a very upsetting dream and often people will try to block it from their minds. They may succeed for a while until the dream comes true.

Is it possible that premonitions come from beyond this world? The premonition is a feeling or something you see as in a dream. It is fueled by apprehension of something that is about to happen but we do not know what. Premonitions are sense oriented.

Could it be that things are happening in another dimension and we are seeing it in a premonition? It could be that when we go to sleep we are actually seeing the things that are happening in the other dimension. The theory of astral projection may just fit with this explanation.

Is it so far fetched to believe this could be happening? There are many who have been ridiculed before for believing in something that at the time seemed impossible. How many people do you think actually believed that man could go to the moon? Had this been discussed in certain times, people would have believed the person who thought this was possible had lost their mind.

How Do You Explain These Premonitions?

Should things be automatically dismissed because they simply do not fit within the way that we think? There have been many different recordings of premonitions in history. Abraham Lincoln actually had a premonition about himself dying. Only ten days prior to dying he had a dream that he was mourning with people in the East Wing in the White House. He turned to a solider to ask who had died and the soldier said it was the president.

Does the book Futility that was written in 1898 sound familiar to you? Maybe the Wreck of the Titan? It was written fourteen years before the Titanic was sunk. It tells a story about the Titan, a ship that sank in the North Atlantic. The ship was sunk by an ice berg, there were not enough life boats to go around, it had three propellers, and the Titanic was the exact same size. All of these things are much like the Titanic right down to the names of the boats.

Morgan Robertson wrote this book. How did it come about that the shipwreck so closely resembled one that would happen 14 years later? Regardless of what you call them, premonitions or visions, there seems to be similarities that the book shares with the actual sinking of the Titanic. Did the author of this book see the story told in a premonition and feel compelled to write the book?

We may never know. The mysteries of the mind and the universe unfold when they are ready. There is no way to know what might be ‘shown’ to a person at a particular time.

Opposite Arguments

They don’t believe that it’s possible to know the future. There are billions of people on this planet who have dreams or have some uncomfortable feeling that a particular event is going to take place and they may become fixated on it. It stands to reason that a few of these events will happen in real life just due to the statistics involved. Those are the ones that sometimes are made public and alot of interest is generated by them. However, the 99% or whatever the figure might be, of so called premonitions that don’t come true are quickly forgotten. It’s just human psychology, premonitions are not supernatural glimpses into the future.

Dear Reader;

Have you had premonitions of future events that actually came true? But when you told people about it after if happened, no one believed you? Well, now you can have proof! Just tell us your premonition or prediction below and it will be recorded with the date. Now no one can dispute your visions of the future.

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